Day Trips Near Perth

There really are so many places that you can visit in and around Perth. One is the Swan Valley, which is famous for being the ultimate wine destination near Perth. In just 25 minutes from the Perth CBD, you can get to the Swan Valley in your lavish Cadillac Convertible or Presidential Limousine if you are with your group.

So how do we choose the locations? Our goal is to provide the best spots. But we also know that everyone has different tastes. It’s why we strive to do what we can to cater to everyone. Whether you are a lover of wines, outdoor scenery and nature, beers, or food, we have day trip guides just for you.

Swan Valley: Your Ultimate Wine Destination Just 25 Minutes from Perth

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Swan Valley is an incredibly unique destination. It just takes 25 minutes to get there from the Perth CBD, making it one of the few wine regions in the world that’s located so close to a capital city. Our guide shows you the best places to enjoy a hearty breakfast or 5-star lunch, and to sample the region’s award-winning wine and beer.

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