Interesting Cadillac Facts

When we imagine Cadillacs, we mostly think about those large, luxurious vehicles that influential people and celebrities love. Some examples are Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, and Al Capone. Mr Capone’s Cadillac was actually the first bulletproof Presidential limousine ever made.

Cadillacs may be regarded as classic and vintage cars, but the brand had one of the biggest sales just a few years ago. In 2017, Cadillacs shattered many records by selling more than 356,000 vehicles around the world.

But there are so many other things that you may not know about this famous brand. Read the fun facts about Cadillacs in this blog post. How many of these 16 details do you already know?

16 Fun Facts About Cadillacs

Discover 16 fun facts about Cadillacs

The Cadillac is undeniably a world-famous car brand. But despite its popularity, there are a lot of things that many people, including Cadillac salespeople, do not know. Are you ready to expand your knowledge? Here are exciting facts about this good ole American car. Some of them will surprise you!

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